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Primary and continued need - new or lightly used lawn equipment

The LAWN Academy
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Lawn care and consideration for the elderly, veterans, and those with special needs


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The lawn Academy

Youth Beautifying Communities, One Lawn at a Time


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​Provide leadership training and mentoring to youth through an on-site college immersion program and community service projects - while assisting those who are elderly, veterans and disabled/handicapped with lawn care services at no charge.

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Resolution - Detroit Board of Police Commissioners

Taking care of the elderly, by providing lawn care services, has been a joy of mine since my youth.  I cultivated my lawn care skills by manicuring  my grandmother's lawn, the late Ms. Rosie Henderson, who encouraged me through her positive words and prayers.

I learned at an early age that several elderly and disabled/handicapped persons struggle finding affordable, reliable  and  trustworthy sources for lawn care services.

In memory and celebration of my mother, Dr. Deloris Miller, and my grandmother, I created The LAWN Academy to provide an avenue for young men to contribute to their communities.  The LAWN Academy provides a focused approach to academic achievement and character development.  While not in class, youth participants are provided an opportunity to take care of elderly, veteran and handicapped/disabled residents.  I believe the internal fortitude and character of young men will be further developed through their service to those in need.

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College Immersion Program for Youth

Youth also provide lawn care for Seniors, Veterans, and People with Special Needs

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