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Our purpose is to assist those who are elderly, veterans and handicapped /disabled with lawn care services at no charge.

Provide leadership training and mentoring to youth through a college immersion program and community service projects.

  • Recognize all participants' service to their communities
  • Celebrate by attending a Lions football game

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The LAWN Academy

P.O. Box 14215

Detroit, MI 48214

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Sponsored by:

Community Connections - Lower Eastside Community Grant Program

Michigan Governor's Service Award

The LAWN Academy   3 Basic Tenets

The LAWN Academy

1. Youth participants must demonstrate the willingness to care for the elderly, veterans, and those with special needs.

2. Adult volunteers must believe and invest in the success of each youth participant.

​​3. Partners of The LAWN Academy will understand the relationship between input/resources to program impact.

Youth will complete a leadership class, including MAC & PC training,

on-site at college

LEADERSHIP - "The Leader in Me"

College immersion program - youth serving in their communities

Certificate of Recognition - Detroit Police Department

Resolution - Board of Police Commissioners

Spirit of Detroit - City Council of Detroit